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Oct. 13th, 2005 | 10:18 am
mood: creative
posted by: rhondalicious in knitting_pretty

Well, I was going through my stack of sweaters I never wear, and I came across two that I was planning on unravelling and making something new from...

To my surprise, they're made from the same yarn, a 55% ramie and 45% cotton blend.

The colors? Black and orange, perfect for some halloweeny projects.

I'm thinking I want to do socks and arm warmers, and if there's enough left, a hat with ponytail holes.

I think I've got a little more orange than black, but I'm not sure since it's taking forever to separate the sweater pieces. So I might get orange and black striped socks and armwarmers, and then the hat I can't decide - stripes would be way cool, but it would be really cute to do it in orange, and make the ponytail holders in green, like a bizzare two-stemmed pumpkin. Or I could do just one hole, and yeah, make it all pumpkiny. Also, the armwarmers have a nifty little pocket, and I was thinking of making it have a design (my initials, probably) - but maybe I'll just stick with stripes? Or would solid black or orange be better? Because I'm thinking I'd maybe do a solid color, and then embroider the design on it - it's easier than intarsia or duplicate stitch.

So, opinions?


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From: neko_san
Date: Oct. 13th, 2005 06:08 pm (UTC)

OMG, a pumpkiny hat would be toooo cute!

Stripy socks are good. Tho, i would be tempted for all black (or all orange, since you have more of that) for either arm-warmers or socks, so they would be less purely seasonal.

Hm, would it be worth experimenting in over-dying the orange to get variegated flamey colors? (I'm not personally a big fan of orange, partly because it looks like crap on me.)

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