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dreaming of FOs

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Dec. 5th, 2005 | 08:32 pm
posted by: rhondalicious in knitting_pretty

Well, since I've talked about my crafts, I've knitted an iPod purse, a hat/scarf set for a friend's birthday, along with a butterfly pin to go on either, a cute triangle cap for the unborn baby, and so far 3 inches of sweater, and a half of a teddy bear. The teddy bear is a Christmas gift, and should be done shortly - the head is the hardest part, and I'm just finishing that bit up.

After this I plan on finishing my sweater, and then knitting a bunny rabbit (same pattern as the bear, I'm just going to design new ears, and make a pom-pom tail). I also want to make some clothes for the bunny. I'm seriously thinking of making a matching dress set for the bunny and for Maddy, for springtime and summer wearing. Something simple and cute, in cotton, she can wear with a onesie under when it's chilly, and onsie-less in the hot summer months.

Also, once it's not so cold, I'm hoping to finish my Target-bag bag. Working with the plastic makes my carpal tunnel complain, so once it's warmer and the hands hurt less, I'll finish that up - it'll be nice in the summer, to take to the pool as a handy dandy tote bag. I want to add tons of pockets inside it, so that it can be sort of a diaper bag type thing. I was thinking of selling them, but because of the pain in my wrists, it's totally not a viable option unless I sell them for at least a hundred bucks a piece.

Also, I've been holding on to a bunch of CapriSun drink pouches that I want to turn into purses, I just need to sit down and do it...

But finishing the teddy bear is first and foremost.

Oh, and of course, the new Knitty came out, and I absolutely have to do two of the patterns:

Tubey, for me, when I'm not preggers anymore, and Blu for Maddy and Walt.

Of course, I'll always take paid requests - I don't mind bumping my projects back a bit.

I'm hoping for a sweater machine soon, so that I can start mass producing scarves and sweaters for sale on my website. I totally want to sell the new all-house scarves from HP GoF. And I've got a few really cute sweater designs tucked into the back of my head that I'd like to play around with, once I can toss a sweater together faster than in 3 months!


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From: taintedlove01
Date: Dec. 6th, 2005 10:55 pm (UTC)

Oh my god you have no idea how much this makes me wish I knew how to knit!

I know someone who would totally love a slytherin scarf.
I have had a small sewing project suggested to me (ipod case) and your knitted one sounds soooo cute.
And that tubey shirt is to die for! It's soo nice looking. And seems very comfy.

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