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woo, cozy

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Oct. 14th, 2005 | 12:00 pm
posted by: rhondalicious in knitting_pretty


I'ma make that. See, I made a cute corduroy cozy for my iPod, and I've been using it, but it's open on the top of it. Actually, that's the problem with my crocheted one, too - only the other way 'round. It's covered on top and open on bottom.

This cozy pattern is covered on top and bottom, and only leaves holes where you need em - and if I want to, I can always make some i-cord or ribon to string the cozy around my neck for walking. And since I've got some of my Palm m130's screen protectors on the from half of my iPod, it's not going to get scratched with the holey parts being open.

So yay, for that. Maybe there will be some black yarn left over from de-sweatering this pile of black stuff.

Oh, and I found out that my black yarn is 2 strand and my orange yarn is 3 strand. So they won't knit up together.

Soooo, I'm making black leg and arm warmers, with a black ponytail hat. And an orange pumpkin hat, and orange armwarmers with green at the top and bottom, to be my fall coordinate set.

So if there's enough of this black left over (and there very well might be), then that'll be my iPod cover. Or else I'll get some dye and play with the orange - if I can get a cool color combination of like, orange and burgundy, I might use that.


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