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Oct. 13th, 2005 | 12:24 pm
posted by: rhondalicious in knitting_pretty


OMG, a pumpkiny hat would be toooo cute!

Stripy socks are good. Tho, i would be tempted for all black (or all orange, since you have more of that) for either arm-warmers or socks, so they would be less purely seasonal.

Hm, would it be worth experimenting in over-dying the orange to get variegated flamey colors? (I'm not personally a big fan of orange, partly because it looks like crap on me.)


I was actually thinking about that - apparently I should be easily able to use RIT dye on this yarn - the black is kind of dingy, so I was thinking of re-dying it deep deep black. I didn't even think about making the orange varigated - I'm pretty sure I could at least add red to it, but it's a really pretty burnt orangey color, so it's already kind of dark. I could *try* bleaching bits of it, but I don't know what color it would turn.

But I can always do a small hank, and then decide whether to do it to the whole thing.

I figure with the socks, the only time I'd wear them is in fall, so I thought the black and orange would be a good combo - winter is too cold for skirts altogether, and spring and summer are a little too warm. Well, maybe not spring, but I'd do like, pink and green stripes for then.

Maybe I should leave the orange alone, and make the socks with a green band at the top? And then do the arm warmers in black - black can go with anything, and I'd probably wear those the most.

The other option is to do legwarmers instead of socks, and then I could wear them anytime.

I think I'm going for kind of the Amy Brown fairie thing, with striped feet and arms. I should do some in pink and black - I could wear those any time...

*ponders and wishes for more yarn*


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